Biggs & Co.

Biggs & Co.

Beautiful Rustic Furniture & Accessories


Below are just a few examples of our custom work and collaboration with local vendors.

Let’s get started on a piece made just for you. Contact us to learn more!

Bed Frames

Our designs can be made to order by size.  King down to a twin bed frame.  Our one of a kind designs are always available in store but we are always willing to help you design that idea you have for your space.


Farm Tables

Tables can be designed with two elements in mind   You may do a simple top with a more designer base. You can mix wood with iron or have us build you an all reclaimed cedar table. We always can share with you the tables we have handcrafted as well.



Build bench for that entry or to add to that dining table we just built you in the last paragraph. These custom benches can also be designed around repurposed vintage head boards. Let us help you keep that family heirloom at the forefront of your home.


Coffee Tables

We like best to repurpose these as one of kind pieces. Combining reclaimed wood and beveled glass or recycled post and iron pieces from the Iron Range. A piece that will take center stage in your living room!


End Tables

Think bedroom, or nestled next to your couch, or a that slender made to fit sofa table!
These are a few ideas of what we like to build but we also have done Bars, bathroom vanities and specialty cabinets.